USB 3.0 is coming along and when Intel and AMD holds off integrating the technology into their chipsets others are trying to get a share of the market. NEC has been the main supplier through its NEC µPD720200. It looks like new competition is coming, with VIA almost here, and ASUS’ sibling Asmedia Technology. Asmedia is aiming to sell no less than 10 million USB 3.0 controllers in 2010.

The mass production will start by the end of June and the keys are; prices and consumer interest.

Asmedia is expected to sell its SuperSpeed USB 3.0 controller for 3 dollar a piece in large quantities, which is half of the 6 dollar that NEC is asking.

USB 3.0 ports of ASUS Rampage III Extreme

As expected, ASUS, has already placed orders at Asmedia and motherboard giants Gigabyte, MSI and ECS are expected to follow.

VIA is trying to get its USB 3.0 solution out to motherboard makers, but both prices and results from this have been inconclusive. The sales are expected to start in Q4.

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