Elcomsoft has released another software tool for retrieving passwords. This time it is Facebook that is taking a hit, or more so, all of the most popular browsers. Elcomsoft Facebook Password Extractor simply scavenge through the browser files and presents you with your password, or any other person who has logged into Facebook on your computer.

Facebook is without a doubt the largest social community we have today, for good and for bad. Not a day passes without headlines in the media about their ”horrible” license agreement and their refusal to remove profiles. It’s also becoming more and more common with so called ”facebook rapes”, where someone simply posts status updates using a friend’s, or enemy’s, account to humiliate them.

The Elcomsoft Facebook Password Extractor will take this to a whole new level. Usually a ”facebook rape” occurs when a friend picks up your smartphone when you head to the bathroom or simply forget it on the table. Or, you don’t log out properly from your computer, which we suspect many don’t do since they have an urge to always see the latest updates from their friends and co-workers.

The application is for Windows and works with the latest versions of Microsoft Internet
Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Google Chrome. It is also completely free of charge and available now. You can download it from the official website: http://facebook.elcomsoft.com

This is of course a great tool for recovering a lost password, but we do feel that this might be used in malice. Make sure you don’t log into any computer that you don’t trust. You may be in for the ”facebook raping” of a life time.

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