Fractal Design is building a reputation of clean and functional cases at competitive prices, and the Swedish company has now launched a new case for a different market Fractal Design Array is a mini-ITX case designed to work as a storage server. The case measures 230x223x350 mm and based a mini-ITX motherboard there is room for 7 storage devices, six 3.5″ and one 2.5″.

Following Fractal Design’s previous pattern the case is made from aluminum is colored matte black. The cooling is handled by 140mm fans with washable filters. The case ships with 300 watt PSU, more than enough. The power supply delivers the power at 80% efficiency and use a temperature controlled fan.

”You can fit a Mini ITX motherboard into the case and there’s also room for one expansion card, for example a RAID card which you’d typically want to get the most out of your six hard drives. All necessary components and software naturally needs to be purchased separately, but we can recommend to use specialised NAS/Home Server software such as FreeNAS or Windows Home Server.”

Fractal Design points out that there is no room for a 5.25″, which is nothing but good news to us. This makes Array look a lot like a NAS, but with greater options and storage possibilities.

The clean design also means the storage server doesn’t have to be hidden away. The MSRP is 139€ and Fractal Design Array will appear by the end of March.





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