NVIDIA is seriously going to fight AMD and like a lightning bolt from a clear blue sky it looks like the green camp looks to be the first to get its new high-end graphics cards out on the market. The rumored GeForce GTX 580 is now rumored to launch on November 9.

NVIDIA called in an event in the last moment in London for a few select media where it released information on the new GF110 GPU and even send out reference cards. The information we published last week looks to match and NVIDIA has succeeded in tweaking the performance of its new GPU, together with an optimized manufacturing process and slim GPU architecture pulled down the power consumption noticeably.

GeForce GTX 580 GeForce GTX 480
Graphics circuits
GF110 GF100
Node 40nm 40nm
CUDA cores
512 st. 480 st.
GPU clock frequency
775 MHz 700 MHz
CUDA clock frequency
1 544 MHz 1 400 MHz
Memory clock frequency
4 008 MHz 3 696 MHz
Memory interface
384-bit 384-bit
Memory buffer
1 536 MB 1 536 MB
Memory bandwidth
192,4 GB/s 177,4 GB/s
Texture fillrate 49,4 GTexel/s 42,0 GTexel/s

The launch of GeForce GTX 580 has moved from 0 to 100 in a very short time and when this is written it is uncertain how many cards that will be sent out to reviewers, but either way performance look promising and it is actually expecting to ship significant amounts to stores. Whether this will happen on launch day or long afterwards i unclear, the availability will be relatively good considering how fast the launch has been staged.


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