NEC is selling USB 3.0 controllers like crazy and Intel is starting to realize that there is money to make here. The reason is pretty simple, USB 3.0 is still pretty expensive technology, which is also one of the reasons we won’t be seeing USB 3.0 functionality integrated into any chipsets from AMD or Intel soon. It looks like Intel is planning an entry to the USB 3.0 market but it won’t be risking high chipset prices but will make an discrete controller, to compete with NEC.

According to the source it will cost 9 USD to add USB 3.0 to a motherboard today and this is a pretty big cost that Intel is not prepared to add to any chipset yet.

Exactly who and when Intel’s own USB 3.0 controller will launch wasn’t mentioned but according to SemiAccurate it shouldn’t take that long, Intel wants to strike while the iron is hot.

AMD was the first to supply a SATA 6Gbps capable southbridge (SB850) and we hope that it is interested in adding USB 3.0 technology, one way or another, in the not too distant future. We sincerely doubt it will be using Intel’s circuit, but rather turn to NEC.

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