Koolance has now released a new water block for the graphics market and the cooling manufacturer has aimed for the performance leader from Nvidia – the GeForce GTX 690. With its dual GK104 circuits and impressive performance the card is a good candidate for new more efficient cooling.

Koolance VID-NX690 is a full coverage water block with the dimensions 25,40 x 12,70 x 1,91 cm (~10 x 5 x 0,75 inches) and weighs in at 1,02 kilograms (2,244 lbs). The water block is built around a nickel plated copper base with micro fins at 0,5 mm and has been equipped with standard G 1/4 BSP nozzle threads.



The waterblock is developed and customized for Nvidia’s reference design on the GeForce GTX 690, and is the only one of its kind today. Just like the GeForce GTX 690, Koolance VID-NX690 is not cheap and has a price of $144,99.

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