Logitech continues to evolve the G series of gaming peripherals and has now launced three new products for the active gamer. Both Logitech G930 headset and G700 mouse use wireless interfaces, while the G510 keyboard puts emphasis on programmable keys.

Logitech G930 isn’t just a wireless headset but also supports 7.1 surround sound through Dolby technology. Logitech has also equipped the headset with three programmable buttons for controling music, voice pitching and chat clients. Last but not least it has a noise reducing microphone and 10h battery time.

Logitech G700 is optimized for MMO games with 13 programmable buttons that enable gamers to perform powerful actions directly from the mouse. Wireless technology with 1,000 reports per second eliminates any possible delays. The mouse can also be charged through a cable while gaming.

Logitech G510 is a USB keyboard with a small monochrome LCD monitor (GamePanel) that can show game statistics and monitor the performance of the computer. G510 has 18 programmable keys with three different modes. This adds up to 54 macro settings per games. You can define macros for your favorite games in advance, or you can create new and tailored such while playing. The keyboard also has backlit keys and 3.5mm input for headphones, or speakers.


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