NEC has design a super efficient cooling system for CPUs that will consume 60% less energy than water cooling and 80% less energy than regular air cooling. The cooling uses phase-change technology using a CFC substitue (Chlorofluorocarbon) for efficient cooling. The CFC medium circulates and absorbs the heat to vaporize at 50 degrees Celsius and travel on to a radiator that cools the medium, returning it to a liquid state.

NEC did not release any pictures of more concrete information on the new cooling technology, but says that the fan of the system won’t be working that hard and technology is not only more efficient than air and water cooling, but also up to 70% cheaper to make.

Servers are, as usual, prioritized where they hope to lower total power consumption with up to 40%.

Depending on the shape of NEC’s new cooling system, maybe we can get an equivalent product for the retail channel, the requirements and specifications are a bit different here though.


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