The new HD 7900 series will launch in early January, and build on AMD’s new GCN architecture. With the HD 5000 series AMD introduced the Eyefinity technology, and with the new architecture comes with first major revision that supports 3D.

Eyefinity currently supports up to six monitors, and it scales an image across all monitors that you may connect. While this is a technology that may mainly be used by professional users, it has had a minor breakthrough among gamers. The next revision is called Eyefinity 3D, and as the name implies AMD has added 3D support to Eyefinity.

Eyefinity 3D will bring support for 3D-optimized monitors (120 Hz) in stereoscopic 3D. While this may sound like an easy thing to do the drivers has to have the viewing angles of the users in mind to make it work. The technology is currently only in the HD 7900 series with the new GCN architecture, and it is still uncertain if other graphics cards of the HD 7000 series will support Eyefinity 3D.

The European price for HD 7970 has surfaced and it will be anythin but cheap. An AIB partner to AMD has told Donanimhaber that the price of HD 7970 will be 539 to 549 Euro at launched. Do note that HD 7970 sports one GPU core and not two.

HD 7970 will sport a 384-bit memory bus and GDDR5 memory, 2048 Radeon cores clocked around 1,000 MHz. It will also be the first graphics card since the launch of HD 2900 XT to bring a new architecture to market. The new GCN architecture has been improved for GPGPU acceleration and should be overall more efficient of course.

Source: Donanimhaber

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