HP delivered the chocking decision to shut down all WebOS hardware production during the conference call, but also that it was considering to remove itself from the PC market. Display manufacturer are worried about this since rumors are saying none other than Samsung is interested in HP.

HP is the world’s largest OEM manufacturer, but has decided to restructure the company with focus on servers and businesses. This means it will either sell the PC division or break it off into a wholly owned subsidiary. Display manufacturers have expressed concerns over this, and reveal that there have been rumors of HP contacting Samsung regarding sellling the PC division to the Korean company.

Chimei Innolux (CMI) and AU Optronics (AUO) are two major competitors to Samsung and are worried that Samsung wants to acquire the PC division. If so Samsung could keep the screen manufacturing inside the company, which would have considerable consequences for both CMI and AUO. Also the companies that manufacture HP’s computers; Quanta, Foxconn (Hon Hai) and Inventec would be seriously affected by such a deal. HP has already placed component orders for 2012, but changes can still be made if Samsung buy the PC division from HP.


Would HP’s computers look the same if Samsung takes over?

If the rumors that are circulating among display manufacturers are true Samsung would be the unthreatened king of the PC market, and judging from the worries at CMI and AUO it would have serious effects on the IT industry as a whole.

Source: DigiTimes

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