Thermalright HR-02 is one of the coolers that were shown at Computex 2010. Weighing 1,100 gram this is something as unusual as a cooler that can handle high-end processors without the need of a fan.


Thermalright did point out that HR-02 requires a case with good ventilation and case fans close to the cooler to make this work. At the same time it is uncertain if voltages over 1.25V will work without a fan seated on the heatsink. 

With this in mind Thermalright ships HR-02 with dual mounting brackets for 140mm and 120mm fans, and Chill Factor III cooling paste.

The massive heatsink is heated by six 6mm heatpipes going from the nickel coated copper base and the cooler’s measurements are 110mm x 140mm x 160mm (LxBxH).


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