Microsoft has revealed that its praised operating system Windows 7, should be installed on no less than every tenth computer in the world. The reason for this statement, is that Microsoft has sold its 100 millionth copy of its new operating system, making it the fastest selling operating system in the history of Microsoft. Windows 7 was launched on the 22:d of October, reaching the 100 million milestone in little more than half a year.




Windows 7’s also one of the major reasons that Microsoft has been reporting very good numbers in its quarterly reports. With a reported profit of almost $6.66 billion for Q1, it was 35% percent higher than the same period in 2009.

Operating systems sales alone increased by 28%.


2010 has started of really good for the company and Windows 7 has become one of the corner pillars of the company. The question remains however, as to how Microsoft will use its profits to defend itself other actors of the market such as Apple and Google.

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