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MSI Wind Notebook will be one of the hottest competitors to ASUS EeePC and with an Intel Atom processor under the hood, Wind Notebook looks like a very potent, power efficient and affordable computer. MSI will launch Wind Notebook in June and the first previews are already out. Hardware site ChileHardware got a chance to play around the Wind Notebook for an hour and has published their first impressions of the tiny being (translated link).

An hour isn’t enough to get a full impression though, especially when you’re looking at a pre-production unit. Overall, they seemed pleased with what they saw and MSI’s entry on the budget laptop market seem to be a very promising one. With a slightly larger display and the new Atom processor under the hood, it seems like it will be able to put up a strong competition to ASUS EeePC, but also ASUS is planning to update it’s product lineup, and we will just have to wait and which of the two will become most popular among the buyers.

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