AMD Llano was released a while ago and earlier one we met with Zacate. It is still a bit unclear when the FX series based on Bulldozer will arrive, but it looks like it will be in the August – October timeframe. When the FX series has arrived the need for the older 45nm assortment will be gone and AMD intends to phase these out.

AMD’s Athlon II, Phenom II and Sempron series is starting to show aging signs and AMD has informed partners that it will take the last orders in Q4. This means that the last chance for OEMs and distributors to order these processors. This means the AM3 processors Athlon II, Phenom II and Sempron will be phased out and be gone in the first half of 2012.

The transition will be quick, which doesn’t surprise us since AMD partners are expecting new products. In Q3 AMD expects that 40-45% of the shipped processors will be AM3 based. This will shift in Q4 where the number will be just 15%, FM1 (Llano, A series) will be around 45-50% while AM3+ (Bulldozer, FX-series) and FT1 (Zacate, C, E och T-serien) will have around 20% each.

AMD’s new naming only has prefixes; A, C, E, T, FX followed by a number combination with a larger focus on marketing through the VISION brand. The almost legendary name Athlon, that was used with AMD’s first product series and beat Intel on the performance front, will disppear. The only name that AMD intends to keep is Opteron for servers.

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