After many turns and rumors around the coming architecture Bulldozer AMD has shed some light on the subject and revealed that Llano will be released in the middle of June, while Bulldozer will be released in the coming 60 – 90 days. AMD has launched the new 9 series chipsets and partners will be shipping new motherboard designs in the coming month.

Finally we have something worthy to be called news. We have been living on rumors and cryptic messages from AMD to try and get a launch date, but during the same conference at Computex where AMD’s Rick Bergman showed the successor to Llano, Trinity, there was talk about the Bulldozer launch, which is said to happen in the coming 60 – 90 days.


It has officially launched the new chipsets of the 9 series and according to AMD motherboard designs based on these will ship today and more will come in the coming 30 days. We see several from ASUS and Gigabyte already, where many stores are expecting stock the coming week.


Together with the 60 – 90 days Rick Bergman also mentions that Bulldozer said that the system will be available for reviews during the latter part of Summer and products will be in stores at launch.

Source: VR-Zone

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