AMD Fusion System Architecture (FSA) has been getting a lot of attention in the software industry since the launch of Zacate and Llano. It seems AMD has now deicded to swap the name to something perhaps more mature?

Fusion, the short version, is a heterogeneous way of developing software where you use the processor as much as the integrated graphics circuit inside AMD Zacate and Llano. But also other AMD and Intel systems with regular processors and discrete graphics cards. Besides the potential to deliver much higher performance than before, it will reduce overall energy consumption of a system, which is a welcomed addition to our ever growing mobile world.

Several major and minor software developers have taken a shine to AMD Fusion, and we expect several well established applications to get better support for hardware acceleration using graphics circuits. AMD has now decided to swap the name Fusion System Architecture (FSA), for Heterogenous Systems Architecture (HSA). This is just a name change, and it will continue to work with open industry standards like OpenCL and C++ AMP.

AMD has tried to get Fusion mentioned in the marketing for retail, but has not succeeded. If it will trash Fusion in favor of something else was not made clear.

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