AMD Fusion will be the first single-die APU chip on the market. By joining CPU and GPU in the same silicon AMD has created what it refers to as an application processors that will be capable of any kind of task.

The Fusion program is one of AMD’s highlights at Computex and even if it will take a while before the first processors can be bought AMD has now demonstrated working silicon publicly for the first time. Not surprisingly graphics was in the center and AMD decided to bring out the big guns. It ran a short demo where an AMD Fusion GPU singlehandedly played Alien vs. Predator at DirectX 11. 

The demonstration was caught on video by TweakTown and you can clearly see that the graphics seem very promising, even though these aren’t the most intense scenes of the game. Either way, AMD Fusion is in a functional stage and AMD has started the Fusion fund where it will set aside money for helping third-party partners to optimize software for the new APU family.

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AMD Llano is the top model of the Fusion program and targets notebooks while little brorther Elano takes aim for the ultraportable segment with lower power consumption and cut down performance.

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