AMD has shared the fiscal report for Q1 2010 and it is good, for once. During Q1 AMD managed to show the world that it is moving in the right direction as the processor sales was up by 23 percent, year to year. That may be impressive, but even more so was the graphics card sales that was up by tremendous 88 percent, year to year.

AMD has controlled the graphics card market over the last six months and even if the company recently boasted having shipped no less than 6 million DirectX 11 GPUs since the launch in October last year it did not provide any information on the actual sales.

It is now pretty clear that AMD has moved up in the GPU sales thanks to the Evergreen architecture and its Radeon HD 5000 family. Not only has the sales improved counting the number of units, but the margin has increased and it has made more money with each sold GPU.

AMD reports a revenue of $1.58 billion for Q1, which is the highest revenue it has ever reported over a first fiscal quarter.

AMD is focused on the Fusion platform and aims to introduce the first processors with an integrated GPU in Q1 2011. This is expected to improve AMD’s figures further.

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