AMD has been stating that it will be first to market with a GPU at 28nm since the start, and everything seems to point to that it will be. In the latest leaked drivers we see hints of the Radeon HD 7000 series, but also the coming Trinity APU that will replace Llano.

In AMD Catalyst 8.91, that is most likely a preview of 11.11 a bunch of product series and code names have been found. This implies that the launch of both HD 7000 series, but also Trinity that can be closer than first imagined, especially HD 7000 that according to rumors that is due in December, though in limited numbers. Judging from the names it is the entry model that will appear.

Radeon HD 7300, 7400, 7500 and 7600 are listed in the drivers for desktops, HD 7500M and HD 7600M for notebooks and HD 7400A and 7600A for all-in-one-PCs. Judging from this AMD looks to have quite a lot of low-end models coming, and that these will begin the HD 7000 series..


Also Trinity is listed, which is the APU that will replace Llano. Trinity comes with two to four Piledriver cores, or more precise one to two modules since Piledriver is a second generation Bulldozer CPU. The GPU will be based on a VLIW4 architecture like AMD Cayman, although with less Radeon cores. Trinity is expected to appear in three segments like Llano, that has the A8, A6 and A4 series.

Trinity Devastator looks like A8, while Trinity Devastator Lite will be A6 and both are expected to bring four cores. Laster we have Trinity Scrapper that is expected to be dual-cpre with a weaker GPU than Devastator. These are not code names for the APUs, but simply the graphics inside.

Loads of code names appears, but the two most interesting are New Zealand and Tahiti that both have the prefix SI ”Southern Islands” that is the code name of AMD’s new graphics architecture. SI Tahiti PRO and XT should be the performance circuits of AMD’s graphics card series, while SI New Zealand will be the next card sporting two GPUs on the same circuit board.


Tahiti and New Zealand will be based on AMD’s new graphics architecture?

Considering AMD has started listing its HD 7000 series they should not be far off. AMD and NVIDIA are expected to start from the low-end and move up to the high-end. The new performance cards are expected in Q1/Q2 2012.

  • AMD6778.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7000 series”
  • AMD68FA.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7300 Series”
  • AMD6850.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7400 Series”
  • AMD6858.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7400 Series”
  • AMD6859.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7400 Series”
  • AMD677B.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7400 Series”
  • AMD6772.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7400A Series”
  • AMD675D.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7500 Series”
  • AMD6742.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7500/7600 Series”
  • AMD6841.7 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7500M/7600M Series”
  • AMD675B.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7600 Series”
  • AMD6751.1 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7600A Series”
  • AMD6840.7 = ”AMD Radeon HD 7600M Series”
  • AMD683B.1 = ”CAPE VERDE PRO”
  • AMD683F.1 = ”CAPE VERDE PRO”
  • AMD6839.1 = ”CAPE VERDE XT”
  • AMD683D.1 = ”CAPE VERDE XT”
  • AMD6838.1 = ”CAPE VERDE XTX”
  • AMD682F.1 = ”CHELSEA PRO”
  • AMD6824.1 = ”CHELSEA XT”
  • AMD682D.1 = ”CHELSEA XT”
  • AMD6831.1 = ”GREAT WALL”
  • AMD6821.1 = ”HEATHROW PRO”
  • AMD6827.1 = ”HEATHROW PRO”
  • AMD6820.1 = ”HEATHROW XT”
  • AMD6825.1 = ”HEATHROW XT”
  • AMD6819.1 = ”PITCAIRN PRO”
  • AMD6818.1 = ”PITCAIRN XT”
  • AMD6799.1 = ”SI NEW ZEALAND”
  • AMD679A.1 = ”SI TAHITI PRO”
  • AMD6798.1 = ”SI TAHITI XT”
  • AMD6830.1 = ”SUMMER PALACE XT”
  • AMD6800.1 = ”WIMBLEDON XT”

Source: VR-Zone


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