AMD aroused everyone’s interest with the new mobile Brazos platform and its energy efficient processors, but even though 9 watt is quite little for a full-scale processor with integrated graphics it is a bit much when we’re talking ultramobiles. AMD has therefore designed an even more efficient Fusion APU that consumes only 5 watt and targets tablets, among others.

AMD currently has a dual-core Ontario APU with the product name C-50 that is rated 9 watt TDP. The processor operates at 1 GHz and inside the 75mm2 circuit we find a DDR3 memory controller and a Radeon HD 6250 GPU whose 80 streamprocessors operate at 280 MHz.

The energy efficient C-50 processor is supposed to be used in netbooks and other energy efficient notebooks, but to succeed with its ambitions and also take on the attractive tablet market AMD has now presented an even more efficient Fusion APU.

The new model of Ontario C-50 will consume at most 5 watt and still sport two Bobcat cores operating at 1 GHz. AMD has therefore cut down on the memory controller with lower frequencies and looser timings, while the number of I/O connectors is limited to only 1 USB and 1 HDMI, which should be enough for a tablet though.


Acer has already presented the first tablet with the new 5 watts Ontario processor and with a 10″ screen and Windows 7 there should be both performance and battery time to compete with Intel’s single-core Atom N450, although it operates at 1,6 GHz, but consumes 6.5 watt and comes with a lot slower graphics.

How offensive AMD will be with its venture for tablets is unclear, but it has shown that the Bobcat architecture is scalable and capable of power consumptions down to under 1W, and it seems to be heading there soon.

Acer is first with AMD’s energy efficient Ontario C-50 APU with a 10″ tablet

Source: PC Watch


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