AMD is about enter into its perhaps most important year ever, with the launch of Bulldozer and Llano coming this Summer. With the launch of AMD’s first Fusion APUs Zacate and Ontario it decided to skip model brandings and go for AMD Vision instead, something that will continue with Bulldozer and Llano.

Vision is a marketing program by AMD created to replace the traditional model names like Sempron, Athlon and Phenom, and instead focus on classifications for what a computer can do, while the company processors and APUs settles for code-names like E-350 and A8-3550.

The whole idea of Vision is to shift focus from specific chips and instead make it easier for consumers to pick the system that fits your specific needs. Whether AMD Vision is working today or for that matter in the future is nothing we can really comment on before AMD has rolled out Vision for all of its processors.



For example we can imagine that AMD’s coming APU Llano, which is a CPU and GPU on the same silicon, will get a sticker labelled ”Quad Core and AMD Radeon Graphics”, while a Llano that has a discrete card inside can take advantage of the coming Dual Graphics Technology will get ”Quad Core and Dual Radeon Graphics”. This should make them more appealing than just branding them with model names.


How well AMD will do with its Vision program is hard to say at this time, but it will most likely make it easier for the majority of users that are looking for a new laptop or desktop.

Source: X-bit Labs


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