AMD’s 45nm processors, more precisely Sempron, Phenom II and Athlon II will meet with an abrupt ending soon. These processors still make up the majority of AMD’s sales, but it has already started phasing out several models. From the year’s end AMD will stop taking orders for all 45nm processors.

Fudzilla confirms earlier stories that AMD has plans to phase out its 45nm processors. While the delay of Bulldozer has been one long sad story, the fact remains that AMD will have replaced its entire assortmentin less than a year. By the end of 2010 the Brazos platform came, during the summer Llano and now the Bulldozer architecture is coming.

AMD has already stopped taking orders for some 45nm processors, and will gradually stop taking orders for all models. The lineup at 45nm hold Sempron, Athlon II and Phenom II that are all graded AM3. AMD will take the last orders for these by the end of Q4, thereafter it intends to complete the orders received but that’s it. The last 45nm processors will ship in Q2 2012.

That AMD will make such a move so close to the launch of the FX series hasn’t been possible before, but since it broke off the manufacturing section together with ATIC to create GlobalFoundries things are different. AMD doesn’t have to stay at old processes, and nodes since it only pays per ordered wafer. AMD doesn’t pay for the equipment, and can therefore make a faster and quicker transition before.

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