Chassis and PSU manufacturer Antec has introduced its own article-based version of Mythbusters by publishing a series of articles concerning the technology and structure behind PSUs, at the same time hoping to bust some of the subjects myths. Topics include the differences between PSUs with one vs. several +12V channels when powering extreme video cards. First up is Antec telling us about the benefits of using a multi channel design instead of using a single channel.



Myth number 2 that is said to be busted is also concerning the same subject as above. Where a single +12V channel is said to be able to deliver a higher power output than its multi channel relatives, which isn’t true according to Antec.


Myth number 3 concerns the efficiency of a multi channeled PSU design, where Antec tells us that its multi channel design is as efficient as the competitors singel channel counterparts.


This investigation is made by Antec themselves and is to be extended in the future with more myths and articles. And even if this is an opportunity for Antec to boast about its products, the article still contains some interesting information.

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