Asetek AiO may look like an ordinary all-in-one PC with the components baked into the monitor. It’s not though, it has something competing products lacks; a complete water cooling system integrated into the computer, which still measures only 58mm in profile.

Asetek, famous for its convenient water cooling solutions, has tailored this system for use in all-in-one PCs, which makes it possible to use even more powerful and hotter components in a crowded space. Asetek AiO is a 24″ prototype with a LED backlit LCD panel housing an Intel Core i7 920 processor at 2.66 GHz and a mobile GeForce GTX 280M graphics circuit. Two components that by themselves max out over 200 watt.

This all-in-one prototype demonstrates one way that liquid cooling overcomes the thermal challenges that arise when squeezing high performance into thin form factors. The engineering team at Asetek continues to innovate and expand the liquid cooling options for cooling thin form factor PCs.


Asetek AiO is made from aluminum, but whether this design will reach stores is uncertain. We do feel confident that system builders will be looking closer at this cooling system. The possibilities of so much performance in such a small format surely is teasing.


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