Canon has started to show interest in Intel’s Thunderbolt technology that is found in Apple’s latest MacBook Pro models. The high-speed interface with a capacity of 10 gigabit per second will according to Canon be perfect for video editing where you can transfer material from camera to computer or storage at high speeds.

Canon is one of the biggest players in image technology and supplies not only end users with powerful products but also TV industry and medical systems. Representatives from Canon’s video concern has confirmed that Intel Thunderbolt is one of the new technologies that it is investigating for future products.

We are excited about Thunderbolt technology and feel it will bring new levels of performance and simplicity to the video creation market.” Hiroo Edakubo

Intel’s high-speed interface is not very spread but together with Apple it hopes to push other companies to adapt the format. Several big storage makers have already revealed that they are working on Thunderbolt storage solutions, including Western Digital, Seagate and LaCie.


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