Commodore 64 is recognized mainly by the older generation. There have been talk about reviving the old platform and next week it all happens as the ancient will start shipping again. Unlike the original there will be new functions and better performance overall.

Commodore 64 has been resurrected and equipped with a tailored operating system for emulating the old platform. The hardware has been upgraded and now consist of Intel Atom D525 with dual cores at 1.8 GHz and NVIDIA Ion 2 graphics – which may not sound all that hot but considering Commodore 64 had a processor operating at ~1 MHz this is a monster in relation.

The outside will look very much like the original, but it also has a memory card reader, Blu-ray player support, multiple USB ports, Ethernet, WiFi and thanks to Atom+ION 2it can play movies at 1080p. Commodore 64 comes with an Ubuntu-based operating system and if you want you can install Windows on the side.

The system is built by hand by Commodore USA

Commodore 64 starts shipping next week in the USA and it is still uncertain whether it will make it to this part of the world. It will cost between 250 and 895 dollar, depending on the configuration, where the most expensive includes Blu-ray, 1 TB harddrive and 4 GB DDR2 memory.

Source: TheInquirer

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