Cooler Master has presented the successor to the popular CM 690 case. CM 690 II first appeared back in the beginning of December 2009, but now the company has let loose the details on the case designed for high-end users. The miditower case will launch as CM 690 II Advanced, where a previously planned standard version was canceled, and it has been equipped with an external harddrive bay, an extra support for heavy graphics cards, but also internal 1.8/2.5″ expansion slot.

CM 690 II houses slots for no less than 10 fans where five of them are 140mm diagonally. Other features include internal mounting of radiators, one in the bottom and one in the back. It sports an overall tool-free design and better cable management.

Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced looks to offer a whole lot of nice features and the price tag will be around 100€ when it appears in stores in about a month.



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