GeForce GTX 590 is one of the most powerful graphics cards on the market with its two GF110 GPUs and maximal power consumption at 375 watt. The card also offers tons of heat and now CoolIT has presented a solution. Its OMNI A.L.C. graphics card cooler uses water for keeping temperatures at bay.

CoolIT has designed a full cover water block for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 that in a closed system, with radiator and pump, makes it more convenient to install the cooler. The water block is low profile and enables the user to install more graphics cards or other expansion cards.

CoolIT says that the latest creation will lower temperatures with 30 degrees Celsius compared to NVIDIA’s reference cooler. At the same time OMNI A.L.C. N590 will be quieter. Currently the system is shipping to system builders like Maingear, Puget Systemes and other actors that focuses on performance and overclocking, but is set to appear in retail soon.


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