Memory maker Corsair was showered with praise after launching its very first case. Obsidian 800D is a high-quality chassis with great cooling and easy installation. The price tag well over $200 was enough to scare off many potential buyers, but now we hear that there is another version coming, called Obsidian 700D.

The information comes from a leaked product brochure that reveals a fulltower chassis supporting motherboards up to e-ATX. It measures 609 mm x 609 mm x 229 mm, which is the same as 800D, but it lacks the window on the side door that 800D has.


Other than that the case has three 140mm fans and two 120mm fans. It keeps the critically acclaimed cable management system and just like the sibling there are several USB and audio connections on the front panel.

The case is almost identical to 800D considering function and design, but we still don’t have the price or launch date. Judging from the name this should be the cheaper of the two.


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