Cubitek has launched a new series of chassis that takes aim for the enthusiast market with cases made from aluminum. ICE aims to achieve minimal noise and optimal cooling, where all sizes are included, from mini cases to fulltowers.

Few companies have taken the step that Cubitek has and made a whole series of chassis entirely from aluminium. The main advantages are lower weight, better heat management and stability. The size of the cases stretches from mini-ITX all the way up to the giant HTPX format.

ICE has plenty and quiet cooling, with all models. The only perhaps exception being Mini ICE that only has a 200mm LED fan on the front, 140mm LED fan at the top and a 120mm fan on the back. You can install another 140mm fan in the bottom. The larger cases can fit even more fans, as many as you like.

miniICECubitek Mini ICE is ready for mini-ITX motherboards.

Cubitek has emphasized the ease of cable management with space behind the motherboard tray as much as 19mm in depth for all possible cables. On top of that there are plastic clips mounted to keep the cables in place.

The front panel is moved to the top of the case where we find 2x USB 3.0 ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports and gold-plated audio in and outputs. Power, reset button and activity LEDs are placed on the front.

hptxICEThe larger HPTX-ICE swallows even server motherboards.

With a thicker 2.5mm extruded aluminum construction the new ICE series is pretty costly to make. The advantages are a much more stable construction and light-weight design, but the price is also relatively high;

  • Cubitek Mini ICE – US$169.90
  • Cubitek Micro ICE – US$259.90
  • Cubitek ATX ICE – US$279.90
  • Cubitek EATX ICE – US$319.90
  • Cubitek HPTX ICE – US$359.90


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