GeForce GTX 470 isn’t quite as hungry as big brother GTX 480, but still has 3 billion heat emitting transistors. DangerDen says it has a solution for the cooling problem and revealed details on the new GTX 470 water block code-named DD-GTX470. The full cover water block cools the GPU, voltage regulators and ram circuits.

The base is made from copper and covered by a semi-transparent acrylic adding up to a total weight of 1.36 kg. DD-GTX470 supports all kinds of hose diameters and can be ordered with nozzles for 1/2″, 3/8″ or 1/4″ tubing.


DangenDen offers no information on much better the block is compared to NVIDIA’s reference cooling, but with a decent water cooling system it should be substantial. The price is a bit steep, $119 and it can be pre-orederd today.


{youtubejw width=”640″ height=”385″}MlZZiajVi60{/youtubejw}

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