After a long silence from NVIDIA and the rumor mill the first details on the coming 28nm circuits and the Kepler architecture have appeared. It is all about the GK104 that will replace GF114 that is used in the GTX 560 Ti.

It sounds like AMD will be dominating the market for some time, even if NVIDIA will be late to the party. GK104 will be the chip to replace GF114 and provided that NVIDIA has managed to gain just as much from 28nm, it could surprise even if it will not be the top performer.

GK104 is expected to bring a 256-bit memory bus, just as GF114, that has its GDDR5 memory running at only 4008 MHz. Since GDDR5 scales well above 6000 MHz there is still room for a boost in bandwidth despite the narrow memory bus. The amount of memory with GK104, becoming GTX 660 and GTX 660 Ti, should be 2 GB.

Stämmer uppgifterna blir GF114 efterföljare ett riktigt kraftpaket

GK104 has been upgraded big time counting the number of CUDA cores, and will surpass 512. With performance ”well above 2 TeraFLOPS” it could be as many as 768, but we find it more likely it is somewhere in between 512 – 768, and that it will instead sport higher clock frequencies. The theoretic performance is on the level with GTX 580 that sits at 1.56 TeraFLOPS, which makes GK104 an opponent to AMD Tahiti and the HD 7900 series. The TDP of the top configuration of GK104 will be rated 225W.

GK110 will be the biggest circuit from NVIDIA and is slated to appear later on. There are no specific launch dates available for any of the circuits, but it should be in the March-April frame

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