NVIDIA may have the fastest card on the market with single GPU, but when you mix in cards with dual graphics circuits AMD is still in the lead and it will get worse with Radeon HD 6990. Fittingly we now have pictures of a NVIDIA card with dual GF110 graphics circuits.

GF110 debuted in November with NVIDIA’s launch of GeForce GTX 580 and was praised by the media for its performance. That NVIDIA would launch a card sporting dual GF110 graphics circuits hardly comes as a surprise, but at the same it is a big question what such a card would look like.

The picture published at Chinese site PCInlife.com shows what is probably a prototype of NVIDIA’s first Fermi card with dual graphics circuits. The circuits are said to be GF110 and ahve literally been squeezed into the mess and beside a dozen GDDR5 memory circuits we see how NVIDIA has installed a rarely powerful power supply to keep both circuits well fed.


Between the circuits we find a bridge chip that looks keep the internal SLI connection on top and in the upper right corner we see fittings for two 8-pin PCI Express power connectors, which would mean that the card could theoretically consume up to 450 watt.

We have a hard time believing NVIDIA can fit two fully featured GF110 on one and the same board, without switching manufacturing technology, but that we will see some kind of form of dual GPU graphics card from NVIDIA feels pretty certain.

It might be worth mentioning that NVIDIA looks to have been inspired by ASUS’ work with MARS II. A graphics card that was revealed sporting dual GeForce GTX 480 circuits and if possible looked even more extreme than the card that NVIDIA is working on.

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