GeForce GTX 490 is expected to become NVIDIA’s first official dual-GPU card using Fermi technology. This card will be based on the toned-down GF104 GPU. Galaxy has decided it wanted better and presented a dual-GPU card with two GTX 470 circuits at Computex.

Galaxy GeForce GTX 470 Dual uses a custom, blue, PCB about 30cm long. The card is dominated by the two gigantic GF100 graphics circuits, GDDR5 memory chips and power circuits. Speaking of power, Galaxy GeForce GTX 470 Dual will consume a whole lot. This will be drained through the PCIe x16 slot and two 8 pin PCIe power connectors.

We’re truly wondering if a card with dual GF100 GPU is the right way to go, considering how much heat these circuits will produce. Galaxy are at least willing to try, but one can’t help wondering what the cooler might look like on the final product.

The card may never reach the market, but Galaxy gets a shiny star for trying/ and innovative thinking.

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