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Eizo is one of few monitor manufacturers that is usually not trying to overshine the competition with cool specifications. But at the same time Eizo is manufacturer that is constantly pushing the boundaries of LCD monitors and that is certainly the case with the new RadiForce LS560W that will be unveiled on July 1st. It’s a 56″ LCD monitor that sports a native resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.

Eizo RadiForce LS560W isn’t exactly meant to desktop usage but the primary market will be hospitals, or more precise operating rooms. Instead of using multiple monitors for showing high definition medical pictures, scans, graphs and other information, Eizo hopes to replace these with one single large monitor.

Using a specially designed signal unit the monitor can receive no less than 24 independent video signals, which can be shown wherever on the screen in the size of your preference.

Even if the resolution makes HDTV seem rather puny the contrast ratio is more on the normal side at 1200:1 while the brightness remains at modest 450cd/m2. And the we have the price that no one has dared to ask about, but it will most likely be pretty high…

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