Fusion-io continues to deliver some of the most impressive Solid State storage solutions and the new  ioMemory Module takes things up a notch with support for 3x-nanometer MLC memory chips for improved performance and twice the capacity.

Fusion-io uses the new MLC NAND flash module with the PCI-Express SSD ioDrive Duo. A drive that now is capable of storing 1,28TB and write speeds up to 285000 IOPS with 512 Byte files.

The write speeds is at most 1.5 GB/s, but for that to work you need a computer with PCI-Express x4 or x8 expansion slot to get enough bandwidth.

”The 1.28TB ioDrive Duo is a direct response to customer requests for more capacity from a single device. Our ability to deliver continually greater performance density attests to our superior architecture’s scalability without adding the complexity of embedded controllers, processors, and external power supplies.”



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