G.Skill is beating the big drum with its new memory kit for the LGA 1366 platform. With six 4GB memory modules it has a total capacity of 24GB and performance is not that shabby, 2000 MHz at CL8 timings.

G.Skill displayed a 24GB DDR3 memory kit at Computex 2010, but it was specified to work at 2000 MHz with CL9 timings, but this was apparently improved to even more aggressive timings.


This super capacity kit has already attracted a large number of extreme gamers and professional users who expect higher memory capacity can improve their PC performance. G.Skill has successfully provided 24GB (4GBx6) at 2,000MHz CL8 to another high-end boundary, making it the absolute ultimate choice for the extreme users.

There was no information on the price or availability of this extreme memory kit, but you can count on a pretty penny for the best of three worlds; capacity, frequency and timings.


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