G.Skill has launched new memory modules for performance users that are tire of overgrown heatsinks. G.Skill Ares promises high performance despite low profile heatspeaders with specified frequencies up to 2133 MHz. 

G.Skill Ares series comes in several packages of 8 to 32 GB capacity with 4 to 8GB modules. Frequencies start at 1333 MHz and goes up to 2133 MHz. The operating voltages range between 1.5V to 1.65V depending on specification and speed, which also affect the timings. A complete list can be found below.


Frequency Timing Available Capacity Voltage Color Model
1333MHz CL 9-9-9-24 8GB(4Gx2)/16GB(4GBx4)(8GBx2)/32GB(8GBx4) 1.5V Orange AO
1600MHz CL10-10-10-30 16GB(8GBx2)/32GB(8GBx4) 1.5V Orange AO
1600MHz CL 9-9-9-24 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.5V Orange/Blue AO/AB
1600MHz CL 8-8-8-24 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.5V Blue AB
1866MHz CL 9-10-9-28 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.5V Blue AB
1866MHz CL10-11-10-30 16GB(8GBx2)/32GB(8GBx4) 1.5V Blue AB
2133MHz CL11-11-11-31 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.6V Orange AO
2133MHz CL9-11-10-28 8GB(4GBx2)/16GB(4GBx4) 1.65V Blue AB

G.Skill Ares sports 3.2 centimeter high heatspreaders with blue or orange colors. Price and availability not revealed.


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