Intel will released the new Haswell architecture in March – April next year, which promises better performance, new functions and more powerful integrated graphics. The new southbridge has now been detailed and we see up to six USB 3.0 ports.

Haswell will be Intel’s first new architecture since Sandy Bridge, and besides being made with 22 nanometer technology with a number of new functions. Besides better performance, improved overclocking is on the list and also AVX2. AVX was introduced on the 256-bit level for floating point operations, AVX2 will be introduced for integer operations. We also expect improvements in the encryption instructions AES-NI.

Haswell_Lynx_Point1 Haswell_Lynx_Point2

The processor will be accompanied by the new chipset Lynx Point, which will be a big step from what Intel has to offer today. Lynx Point will be part of Intel’s 8 series chjpsets and with support for up to six USB 3.0 ports and six SATA 6.0 Gbps ports. That aside more security functions (for businesses) will come, and there is mention of optimizations for performance and energy consumption for SSD units ”Lake Tiny”. Haswell and Lynx Point will also use the new socket LGA1150 that will also be compatible with Haswell’s successor, Broadwell, which is built with Intel’s 14 nanometer technology.

On the mobile side the new chipset is expected to be integrated into the same package as Haswell. This is to enable a simpler solution for OEMs with a minimal footprint, which is extra important with Intel’s Ultrabook venture.

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