A lot can be said about Intel’s integrated graphics, but the biggest problem is not lack of performance per se, but drivers and game support. According new sources Intel has hired Richard Huddy, who was the outside contact at AMD for developers, but alsh brings experience from NVIDIA.

Richard Huddy was handpicked by ATI in 2002 after being employed by NVIDIA for a longer period of time. At his new exmployer he was responsible for keeping and making connections at game developers, among others for optimizing  games for its products. ATI was then acquired by AMD and just before the Summer the were rumors of him leaving AMD.

Intel has now hired Richard Huddy and while his position is not yet official, but is expected to be similar to the one he had at AMD. Intel’s integrated graphics in Sandy Bridge (and coming Ivy Bridge) is more than capable of running quite a lot of games if you reduce the quality settings a bit. The problem is not lack of performance, but in the company drivers and relations with developers.

Considering over 50 percent of all modern computers use Intel’s integrated graphics, there is a huge potential market for game developers. AMD cooperated with developers to make sure ”all games would work with Llano” and its integrated graphics. If this is a strategy that Intel can fit to its own products we see the recruitment as something very positive for over 50 percent of us.

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