Intel’s coming processor architecture Ivy Bridge is just as longed for by home builders and enthusiasts as by users looking for the next generation notebooks. A high up offer at Intel has said that Ivy Bridge will be delayed, which a source to NordicHardware has confirmed.

We earlier reported that Intel was holding volume deliveries of the coming 22nm Ivy Bridge processors since it still has large stock with Sandy Bridge. VR-Zone reported that this only applied to dual-core models, and that quad-core Ivy Bridge would launch as planned.

Intel’s Sean Maloney, now says he thinks June is the month for Ivy Bridge. The reson is neither the stock with Sandy Bridge models or limitations in the new – world-leading manufacturing technology at 22 nanometer. Intel still plans to launch Ivy Bridge during Q2, but instead it looks like June and not April 8th.

Sources to NordicHardware confirm the delay of the new processors. This will not affect the launch of the new motherboards with Intel 7 series chipsets, but these are still set for April 8th. It will however affect the next generation Ultrabooks that are also postponed, since they will use the new Ivy Bridge processors.

In June AMD will launch its Trinity architecture, sporting two Piledriver modules (four ”cores”) and a more powerful graphics processor. Thus it looks like Ivy Bridge and Trinity will go head to head, in both desktops and notebooks.

Source: Financial Times

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