Intel has already confirmed that it will launch unlocked processors for the mainstream users, not part of the extremely expensive Extreme Edition family. It looks like the first two mainstream processors is getting close, Core i7 875K and Core i5 655K. The  K suffix matches the unlocked Pentium E6500K that was released last year, but the new processors will be a lot more powerful.

Intel Core i7 875K will operate at 3.0GHz and with four cores and HyperThreading for some good multi-threading performance. Based on the Lynnfield architecture the CPU slide into the LGA1156 socket with 8MB shared L3 cache and dual-channel DDR3 memory controller. The TDP is rated 95W and the unlocked multiplier will open up whole new possibilities for overclocking.

Intel Core i5 655K is in turn Clarkdale-based and sports dual processor cores, HyperThreading and clock frequency around 3.2GHz. Just like big brother it sports a dual-channel DDR3 memory channel and an unlocked multiplier, but the TDP is rated lower, only 73W. Even though we find an integrated GPU in the processor.

Rumors say that the processors will see the light of day at Computex 2010 and now we just hope that these overclocking processors will find their way to Western markets at decent prices.


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