Intel’s coming processor architecture Ivy Bridge will be first to use 22nm technology. As a new architecture and with Intel making it we expect a whole new processor platform for interested consumers, but now rumors suggest that LGA1155 motherboards will support Ivy Bridge.

Intel has a really bad habit of changing both processor and socket at new processor launches. This has forced consumers to not only buy new processor but also motherboards and sometimes even memory modules and coolers. 

Contrary to this, arch enemy AMD has launched several new processor families but tried to maintain backwards compatibility with older platforms. Currently AMD uses only one platform for its retail processors, unlike Intel who can have 3-4 different, depending on how close we are to the generation upgrades.

Ivy Bridge, that builds on the same base design as Sandy Bridge, Intel has supposedly reconsidered. Ironically the decision comes after one of its biggest blunders in centuries where the LGA1155 chipset  Cougar Point (the entire Intel 6 series of chipsets) has been recalled due to a manufacturing error. But perhaps it is precisely this that is behind the decision to not only make it LGA1155 pin-compatible but also let the performance chipsets support the coming processor circuits.

New and fully functioning Intel 6 series motherboards are not expected until April and by making Ivy Bridge compatible manufacturers and partners gets some more time to sell their Cougar Point motherboards.

LGA1155 supposedly supports Ivy Bridge through a BIOS update

According to Fudzilla Intel will limit the Ivy Bridge support to the performance chipsets Intel P67 and H67. We assume that the coming Intel Z68 will also get Ivy Bridge, but cheaper chips like H65 and Q67 will not support the new architecture. All that will be needed is a BIOS update and those who are waiting for new Sandy Bridge motherboard will at least have some good news to look forward to, if true.

Intel hasn’t commented on the story, but considering the current status of the chipset family this could be a reputation saver.

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