Intel’s next generation processors – Ivy Bridge – are still way into the future, but this hasn’t stopped people from hunting down samples. Something many have been wondering about is the backwards compatibility, since for once it will use the same socket as the current architecture.

Already at the launch of Sandy Bridge there were rumors of the sucessor Ivy Bridge that will be Intel’s first 22nm processor. Many started wondering if their all new motherboard would work with the new processors from Intel.

Like triples, and they will use the same socket

 OCW confirms that Intel has started shipping Ivy Bridge samples for evaluation, which we can confirm with the leaked benchmarks. Testers have also been given a BIOS update that enables them to use the samples with a LGA1155 motherboard and P67/Z68 chipset. We don’w know if H67 motherboards will also be supported.

With the new chipsets of the 7x series we will get integrated USB 3.0, but Ivy Bridge will also bring triple monitor support, one more than Sandy Bridge. It is sitll uncertain if you need any specific support from motherboards or if it just works.

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