Kingston has realized that SSD and wirelessness are two of the hottest technologies today. Its Wi-Drive is fittingly a combination of the two where it has built an external storage unit with SSD technology that connects through wireless protocols, mainly for storage from mobile products from Apple like iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Kingston Wi-Drive har has a storage density at 16GB or 32GB, which is fairly small. Instead the convenient 2.5″ SSD will sport fast file transfers with near endless durability with the silicon circuits. The dimensions are 121.5 x 61.8 x 9.8 mm and the integrated battery can run up to 4 hours at active use.

Even if Wi-Drive ships with an output and a bundled MiniUSB cable it is the integrated 802.11n WiFi controller that is the main attraction. Kingston Wi-Drive can be used as a wireless storage location for all WiFi units, but the memory company has developed a special application for iOS that makes it convenient to store and flip through the material on Apple’s mobile units.

Kingston Wi-Drive will start selling in the USA for around $130 for 16GB and $170 for 32GB.


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