AMD is always quiet right before a product launch, at when it comes to processors. We have some more clarity into its coming products, not just the FX series that feels almost worn out now, but also Llano and two models for the Brazos platform that has almost been forgotten.

AMD hasn’t launched the  FX series, based on the new Bulldozer architecture, yet, but at least confirmed in the quarterly report that it will start shipping to partners in August. In a commercial for FX-serien we see a date with the ending ”ember 19” that may very well be September 19th, but according to Donanimhaber we are dealing with an October launch.

One thing is for certain, there is a lot of going back and forth with the FX series where one day the launch is postponed a month to be moved back the next. Consider it all with a pinch of salt.

Considering Llano we have the quad-cores, A8-3850 and A6-3650, that are both 100W models. The 65W versions should according to this table have been released by now, but are nowhere to be found. The dual-core models ”Winterpark” A4-3400 and E2-3200 will not appear before Q4.

Two models that might be even more interesting are E-450 and E-300 for Brazos. Both are 18W models and sport two cores, where E-300 oeprate at 1.3 GHz and gets 80 Radeon cores at 500 MHz (HD 6310), while E-450 gets two cores at 1.65 GHz and 80 Radeon cores at 500 MHz with a Turbo mode at 600 MHz (HD 6320). The new APUs for the Brazos platform will arrive in September, before the end of the quarter.

Source: Donanimhaber

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