it is very costly to manufacture semiconductor components and when the industry is now moving toward new and more efficient technology where wafers measures 450mm in diameter the big dragons team up. Intel, IBM, TSMC, Globalfoundries and Samsung have decided to invest 4.4 billion dollar in two separate projects to make circuit manufacturing more efficient.

IBM will lead one of the two projects and focus on developing new manufacturing technologies for future microprocessors.

The second project will be a joint project with the five largest semiconductor manufacturers where Intel, IBM, TSMC, Globalfoundries and Samsung will focus on moving their manufacturing to larger and more cost efficient 450mm wafers.

A wafer is platter of silicon that microprocessors and other circuits are built on and with larger diameter you get more space for more circuits and reduce the spill during manufacturing. A 450mm wafer will produce about twice as many 300mm wafer, but also require whole new machines and technologies to work.

For costs not to become insurmountable the biggest players team up and invest no less than 4.4 billion dollar in the projects that will run for 5 år. The development and research will happen in New York, USA, where several of the semiconductor manufacturers already have large investments in form of fags and research labs. Including Globalfoundries that is building a whole new and avanced fab in the area.

””The unique mix of industry and technology partners located in New York is a key component of our strategy of expanding our local operations, including the Fab 8 campus in Malta, N.Y., which will be the world’s most advanced semiconductor fab when it is completed in early 2013. Governor Cuomo and the State of New York are dedicated to creating a sense of confidence that encourages businesses to invest in advanced manufacturing technology and development to create jobs and secure New York’s role in driving the 21st century global economy.””, VP of Globalfoundries.

New York mayor Andrew M. Cuomo estimate the investment will create 6,900 new oppurtunities and bring 400 million dollar from purchases of tools and equipment in the state of New York.

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Michael Miller
Michael Miller

You probably want to correct the ”…large investments in the form of FAGS and research labs.