LG Electronics is another manufacturer that is expected to show a lot at IFA in German by the end of the week. Among the news we find two exciting monitors with superthin profile, the latest 3D technology and IPS panels. LG E91 has a profile of only 7.2mm while LG D237IPS goes for the third dimension with passive 3D technology.

LG E91 is the elegant of the monitor lineup and the 23″ panel measures only 7.2mm in profile, which means all connectors has been moved to the stand. Noteworthy is that bezel is only 4.35mm which LG means will make the monitor feel limitless.


We have no information on the panel type, but LG promises 1920 x 1080 pixels and 16.7 million colors. The dynamic contrast ratio with LED backlighting will land at 10,000,000:1 while the brightness measures 250 nits. The viewing angles at 170/160 degrees is backed by a response time of 2ms (GtG).

LG D237IPS in turn focus on performance and in this case in three dimensions. The 23″ IPS panel use the passivw 3D technology Film Pattern Retarder (FPR). By baking in the active synchronization circuits into the monitor you only need a pair of polarized 3D glasses, like the ones in the movies. This results in a flicker-free 3D experience that according to LG also lowers crosstalk that can cause dizzyness and headache.


LG also promises that D237IPS has wider viewing angles for 3D, while it also can convert 2D to 3D and automatic brightness. The specifications include 1080p resolution, 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio and viewing angles at 170/160 degrees in 2D and 130/12 degrees in 3D. Also brightness change depending on the video mode, 250 nits at 2D and 100 nits at 3D. It also has video inputs for D-Sub and DVI-D.

The price and launch date is so far unknown. On September 1st we can expect more as LG is expected to reveal more information at IFA in Berlin.

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