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Mobile phones has been offering better and better cameras the last year or so and it’s not uncommon that they sport digital image sensors at 2-3 megapixels. Even if it took some time we even have cameras with flash today. Now it seems that we’re closing in on the next milestone as Micron Technology has announced a new 3 megapixel camera sensor with an integrated anti-shake features. Mobile phones are rarely used with a tripod and it’s not uncommon for the pictures to become blurry because of shaking hands or other forces, but Micron hopes to change all that with the world’s first mobile digital camera sensor with an anti-shake feature.

”Micron offers several 3-megapixel image sensors in differing optical formats, but this new sensor is the first in its class with the anti-shake feature. The new 3-megapixel sensor was developed on Microns industry-leading 1.75-micron pixel and integrates additional camera capabilities on chip including JPEG compression and image processing that would typically require additional chips. For basic operation, the sensor only requires a power supply, lens and clock source.”

Test photo by Micron: With and without the anti-shake feature

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