AMD is moving towards the most exciting launches in many, many years with the processor architecture Bulldozer and the coming APU design Llano. The launch of new motherboards with the AMD 9 series of chipsets will come first, while more information on Llano and Bulldozer will come about the same time.

June is starting to become more and more exciting and surely a grand month for AMD, in the frame of two weeks it will release more information and launch products at four different events.


On June 1st at Computex Llano and the mobile platform Sabine will be announced by AMD with demonstrations for both desktops and notebooks. It will present the new marketing model Vision that is available with almost every notebooks sporting AMD hardware today. The new 9 series of chipsets with the AM3+ socket is intended to go with Bulldozer, and will launch the same day as partners have been allowed to show off motherboards.

On June 7th at E3 it will present the FX brand and logotypes belonging to AMD Bulldozer, and the AM3+ platform will be official.

On June 13th we have the AMD Fusion Developer Summit where it will demonstrate, but mainly discuss the advantages of a heterogenous solution and programming languages like OpenCL. We should point out that these do not only include AMD Fusion APUs but also other combinations of x86 processors, graphics cards and other architectures.

On June 14th AMD will finally announce Llano, Sabine and the platform Lynx for desktops in the USA where it will engage partners, media and analysts in the new products. Demonstrations of all new products is on the meny and a launch date for both Bulldozer and Llano will be revealed.

We have two exciting weeks before us in June, and we will hopefully, finally, get a better balance on the x86 market where Intel has been the dominator for a very long time. How Bulldozer and Llano acutally performance we can’t say for certain, but hopefully they will be competitive products that can lower prices and increase the flora of products for the end consumers.

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